After Care Instructions

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·      Until the mohel removes the bandage, each time the baby’s diaper is changed squeeze a steady stream of baby oil over the bandage from all sides generously (or at least every 4 hours during the 24hrs. immediately following the circumcision.
·      The morning after the bris, bath the baby twice prior to the mohel's arrival, to remove the bandage.  (If the umbilical cord is still attached use just enough water to submerge the bandage.) Try and soak the bandage for at least 3-5 min.
·  Wash the genitals gently after each bowel movement as necessary; using a few drops of soap (Johnson’s & Johnson's Baby Bath) in warm water and gently dry. Continue to wash in this manner for one week.  
·       Apply Neosporin ointment 3 times a day for 7 days directly to the wound area. (Preferably, apply ointment after bathing).
·      The baby might be uncomfortable for several days and will heal in 2-3 weeks with some swelling for up to a month after the circumcision. The head of the penis will be very red following the bris; the area immediately behind the head of the penis will be quite swollen for several days. There may be a yellow-white substance or moist film near the wound for up to 2 weeks, all of this is completely normal and will disappear.

(Please don’t hesitate to call me 24 hrs / day if you are at all concerned regarding any signs of bleeding).

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Rabbi Dani Kermaier